“The Looking GLASS” Project

The Looking GLASS project strives to create a simplified graphical interface to our GLASS solution.

I am part of the team realizing the graphical interface as a web application. A lot of things are involved here. The underlying logic should be abstracted away in order to only present vital settings. The interaction with the software has to be natural and data must be visualized representatively. The first direct use-case of Looking GLASS is supplying a solid platform on which workshops of ALM variants can be given to a board of trustees.

Figure 1 — Early prototype

I am the main front-end developer. Together with support from the Pensions & Insurance unit, we want to have our product up and running for the first workshops in September.

Figure 2 — Updates in Redux Architecture (Source: https://css-tricks.com/learning-react-redux/)

We intend to build scalable code that is in line with the latest, cutting-edge web technologies like the Redux architecture with ‘Observables’. Some of these technologies are still in beta. The web framework I am developing on is challenging with a high learning curve due to the interdependency of multiple programming styles. I consequently face how hard it is to implement code without diving too deep into architectural choices. Moreover, we build upon all aspects, from testing functionalities to simulating server interaction. The team is great; we review our progress weekly and respond appropriately in order to meet our goals.

Practical applications

This application is used to educate a board of trustees of a pension fund. It is also a set-up for possible future development of other GLASS front-ends.

Used Tools: Angular v4, ngrx, Protractor, IntelliJ, Atom, Node, TypeScript

Author: Jeroen