Using HoloLens in Financial Planning

Enhancing Financial Decision Support using HoloLens as a Data Visualizer


The title of my thesis is: “Enhancing Financial Decision Support using HoloLens as a Data Visualizer”. How can we use the HoloLens to visualize and improve the feasibility and risk trade-off in our Financial Planning Tool ‘OPAL’? With the power of a 3D hologram, people can see in-depth which gives them the opportunity to see the chart from a different perspective. We believe that if data visualization techniques together with the HoloLens create a better understanding, customers can make better decisions.

Mixed Reality

The hololens supports mixed reality where the user can still see the real world. This feature is great for OPAL, because the software is supposed to be handled by an adviser who helps a customer. In talking about his or her financial situation and wishes, a certain level of trust is needed. Using the HoloLens we preserve this level of trust as the customer can actually still see the adviser — unlike the some other VR-glasses where you are sealed away from reality. And it is possible to link multiple HoloLenses with each other to share the 3D hologram. With this feature the adviser and customer can both see and interact with the same hologram. In this atmosphere, client and advisor can mutually come to a decision. It is not only the adviser doing the talking.

Practical applications

  • Fun factor which leads to higher engagement with data — Interact with the software by using voice, gestures and gaze
  • 3D holograms can provide a more intuitive information than 2D presentations
  • Better understanding leads to better decision making

Used Tools: Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015.3, C#, Unity, HoloLens Emulator.

Author: David