We did it! Looking back on the #BuzzFeedxTechLadies Beyond Together Summit

We had so much fun in NYC on May 18th at the first ever Tech Ladies conference. We partnered with BuzzFeed for what we called the Beyond Together summit — a day focused on inspiration and solutions with a diverse lineup of speakers and topics.

More than 200 people attended the conference about how to make tech more humane and ethical, how to make better products, and how to increase opportunities for women and underrepresented folks in tech.

Check out some highlights from the day:

Keynote speaker Camille Fournier, head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma and former Chief Technology Officer of Rent the Runway, on her biggest career lessons. 
[Photos by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Caroline Amaba , Software Engineer at BuzzFeed giving a lightning talk. [Photo by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Swagggggg. And thanks to Samsung for their slow mo photobooth!

Shani Hilton, VP of News & Programming, BuzzFeed News has a fireside chat with Anil Dash, CEO of Fog Creek Software
[Photo by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

There is power in seeing this all in one room.

Christina Vuleta (left) VP, Women’s Digital Network at Forbes discusses mentorship with Angela Mares BuzzFeed’s Senior People Team Coordinator (middle) and Dheerja Kaur (right), head of product and design at theSkimm
[Photos by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Networking mingle before lunch. [Photos by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Networking mingle before lunch. [Photos by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Team Tech Ladies and City Organizers from Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Denver, Des Moines and Upstate New York having fun! [Photo by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Dheerja Kaur , Head of Product and Design at the Skimm on building products for a loyal audience. [Photo by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Ally Schneider — “Let’s talk about Gender & Ethics in A.I.” [Photos by Sara Haile of People Who Do.]

Brianna Wu in fireside chat with Davey Alba, Sr. Technology Reporter, BuzzFeed News on the hidden biases that sabotage women’s careers in tech… and how to overcome them. [Photo by Hannah Levy of Tech Ladies.]

Thanks to sweetgreen for sponsoring delicious lunch and to RISE Brewing Co. for their next-level cold brew coffee that kept us going all day. [Photos by Hannah Levy of Tech Ladies.]

Here’s what we’ve been saying since the beginning: we are already here. Tech Ladies now has 30,000 members and over 200 people showed up to our sold out event. The energy in the room was palpable and we left renewed to build products, lead teams, and start businesses.

Interested in joining Tech Ladies? We’d love to have you. Apply to become a member.

(Photo: Event Organizers Allison Esposito, Founder of Tech Ladies and Swati Vauthrin, Senior Director of Engineering at BuzzFeed. )

Photo by Hannah Levy of Tech Ladies.

PS- After cost, we were able to make donations to Black Girls Code, TimesUp Legal Defense Fund, and ScriptEd. Thanks to everyone for helping make this day happen, especially BuzzFeed.

PPS- Huge thanks to our full list of sponsors including Soylent, Hint Water, sweetgreen, Samsung, RISE Brewing Co, Gr8nola, Super Coffee and Smirnoff!