Tech Leadership Weekly, Issue 6

A weekly dose of management, process, and leadership.

Julie Zhuo
 Unintuitive Things I’ve Learned about Management

If a day of 1x1s sounds like a nightmare, management might not be for you. As your role transitions to a facilitator, enjoying people is critical to being a successful manager. Just as the craft of software takes time to learn, managing different teams with varying skill sets and personalities will help you develop and grow as a manger.

Reading Time: 10 minutes

First Round
 Thoughts on Gender and Radical Candor

Gender equality and diversity is an important topic, especially for tech focused companies right now (as it should be). Slowing down, listening, choosing words carefully, and remaining vigilant is important. Kim Scott provides a solid framework for both men and women to use while navigating teams, leadership, and the work environment.

Reading Time: 20 minutes

Charles Duhigg
 What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

What does a healthy, productive, creative team really look like? It’s not quite what you’d expect (focused, single topic experts educating the group, etc.). Instead, it’s all about everyone participating on an equal footing. It’s about members being comfortably voicing their opinions, asking questions, interrupting, and talking about their weekend. It’s a team with above average social sensitivity. As managers, it’s critical we facilitate a psychologically safe environment and insure everyone has a voice, even if it means a meeting runs long.

Reading Time: 25 minutes

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