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Initialize git, add remote origin and to set default upstream

git init

The git init command creates a new Git repository. It can be used to convert an existing, unversioned project to a Git repository or initialize a new, empty repository. Most other Git commands are not available outside of an initialized repository, so this is usually the first command you’ll run in a new project.

git remote add origin {REMOTE_URL}

To add a new remote, use the git remote add command on the terminal, in the directory your repository is stored at.

The git remote add command takes two arguments:

  • A unique remote name, for example, “my_awesome_new_remote_repo”
  • A remote URL, which you can find on the Source sub-tab of your Git repo

For example:

#set a new remote
Two ways,
1.git remote add my_awesome_new_remote_repo
# or
2.git remote add origin
#Verify new remotegit remote -v> my_awesome_new_remote_repo (fetch)
my_awesome_new_remote_repo (push)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)


git pull origin master

To push your changes into your remote repo, execute the git push <remote> <branch> command:


git branch -u origin/branchName
# or
git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master master

You update/set an upstream with the branch command. Branch branchName set up to track remote branch branchName from origin.

You can also set it with a push

git push -u origin master
git push --set-upstream origin master


git pull

It fetches and merges changes from the remote server to your working directory. The git pull command is used to pull a repository.




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