ProductHunt and Shakespeare: A Day in the Life of an 18 Year Old Podcast Host

I am an 18 year old guy. I love venture capital. That is what I tell all the girls! Anyways, back to the story, I am the Podcast Host of The Twenty Minute VC and today started off like any other day. Scrambled eggs thanks to the brilliant woman, I am so proud to call my mother. Followed by school.

Today’s school involved a monstrous two hour King Lear session. Now I never check my phone in class (it is my rule). So on entering my English class I had precisely 0 emails and 0 calls. 2 hours of King Lear go by as you can imagine as well as 2 hours on a 8MHz 1980s PC (slow and dull). I leave the classroom and check my phone, 184 emails, 27 calls and the tweet that made all this happen. It was a tweet from none other than the God that is Bram Kanstein, Community Manager for ProductHunt Europe with the heavely words ‘@twentyminutevc you are on @producthunt today! ☺’. My feet started to tingle, my heart was pumping, this was a rush I had never felt before. And then I realised it was ‘THE PRODUCT HUNT EFFECT’.

In the gap that followed, I have never experienced a time like this before. My phone was glued to my hand, if I wasn’t replying to mail, I was tweeting, if I wasn’t tweeting I was Instagramming, I even spilt my espresso (all over my perfectly ironed white shirt) I was so attached to staring at my phone! The buzz is just unbelievable, I sit here now still pumping with adrenaline.

Fast forward 8 hours to this current moment Product Hunt alone has increased downloads for the podcast by an astonishing 712% and traffic to the blog ( by 581%. These are figures that are incomparable to any other platform, I would argue in internet history. Therefore, this article is to thank Bram Kanstein for selecting The Twenty Minute VC, Josh Muccio for suggesting us to Bram and how could we forget the amazing Ryan Hoover for creating the incredible platform that being featured on can only compared to having a game of strip poker at a Victoria’s Secret Model Convention!

As the day in London draws to a close, I am faced with the immense excitement that America is awake. What the future holds, no one knows but what I can say is thank you so much to everyone for making this day, the most special of my life!

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