Champion women in tech today — and every day.

Tech Manitoba is a champion for equity in the tech sector and for over a decade has been on a journey to support our members tackle barriers to create more inclusive workplaces. Manitoba’s tech community is packed with passionate members focused on issues like closing the gender gap, advancing women in leadership roles and shifting towards more inclusive hiring practices.

Over the past few years, we have had so much active community engagement through participation in events, roundtable and panel discussions. Through research and collaboration with members and greater community, we uncovered a common thread among many organizations. Although they actively care about improving equity and inclusion, support is needed to develop proactive solutions to achieve it.

Society is rejecting the systemic inequalities that have existed for decades in the workforce and the demand for real-world solutions must be met. We know that true problem identification comes from ensuring that all people and their perspectives are included in the conversation.

Join us in celebrating and amplifying women’s voices today — on International Women’s Day — and get involved in the conversation beyond today, starting with these five opportunities:

Evaluate your organization using the Gender Parity Scorecard.
The Gender Parity Scorecard was created to support companies looking for ways to recruit, retain, and advance women in the tech sector. The scorecard focuses on three areas: organizational culture, recruitment, hiring and retention and capacity building. If your organization is looking for a concrete and structured way to increase equity and inclusion, piloting the Gender Parity Scorecard might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Create a support system through Peer to Peer Support Training.
The two day training workshop is designed as an intimate, safe space for women to share experiences and learn from each other. Participants gain an understanding of the fundamentals of peer support, how to share experiences effectively to enhance interaction and learn the practice of self-care.

Join the conversation at Disrupted: Equity + Inclusivity on Oct. 21.
Research has proven the economic and social benefits of involving diverse perspectives in the workplace. Even within the context of remote work, workplace culture has never been more important, so come learn and participate in this crucial discussion. Get your ticket here >

Build community with the Manitoba Women in Tech Meetup Group.
The monthly meet-up, is non-profit, agenda-free, and gender inclusive. MWiT is a supportive place to shares experiences and accomplishments and promote all events and activity in the tech industry in a judgement free environment. Join here >

Take The 50–30 Challenge: Your Diversity Advantage.
Tech Manitoba is proud to join hundreds of organizations across Canada in the pledge to increase the representation and inclusion of diverse groups within their workplace. Join us in the challenge!



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