Apple Watch Nylon Band Replica Review

This band style is easily the most versatile, and this replica is spot on

This is likely breaking the rules for writing a good article, spoiling the conclusion in the beginning, but whatever, here is is: this replica band achieves 80% of what Apple’s version does at under 50% of the cost.

To start with, this band is really comfortable. It’s lightweight in a way that none of the metal or leather bands I’ve tried are, and it’s breathable in a way that the sport band never came close to. I’ve worn it while working out (because I accidentally forgot my sport band at home) and had no problems. The fit is also secure, and I’ve never felt like it was going to fall off. The loop that holds back the extra band once it’s tightened on the wrist could be better though; I found that it frequently looses the band it’s supposed to be holding and that band ends up flapping around. This is a minor inconvenience, though.

I spoke to the versatility of this band, and I truly believe that the Nylon Band style that this replicates is the most versatile available. As I said, it can be worn while working out and is perfectly fine for such an activity. It can, however, be worn with a shirt and tie without looking terribly out of place, and it’s more than enough with jeans and a t-shirt. I’ve gotten more wear out of this band than any other that I own.

Since I’ve been wearing it so often, I’ve gotten to really test out the durability of this band. I can say that it has held up really well to sweat, rain, and other environmental/body forces that it would typically have to face. My only really complaint with the durability is that the loop talked about earlier is fraying around the edges. I’m unsure if it will continue to fray or it will stay as is, but it’s only a minor annoyance. Also, since this is nylon, I could use a lighter or match to heat and seal the ends, but I haven’t done that yet.

Once thing that I noticed about this band compared to others that I’ve tried is that the lugs for connecting the band to the watch body fit really well. They are easily the best fitting lugs from a third party band that I’ve ever used. The buckle, however, is not well matched in color to my watch body. I got the black nylon band, which is supposed to have a space grey buckle, but the buckle on the band I received is much closer to the space black body color than space grey. It’s only a minor annoyance, though, since the buckle is far enough away from the watch body that it’s hard to notice.

This band is only 80% of Apple’s version, though, mainly due to the fact that the woven nylon material is not quite as supple as Apple’s. But, honestly, for the price that this band costs, I can’t complain. I think you’re honestly getting a really good deal. That’s why I was confused not to see it make iMore’s list of great cheap third party nylon bands.

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