Windows VM in Linux

How to install Windows in a virtual machine on Linux

Available Microsoft VMs:

  • Chose your VM
  • Select your VM Platform
  • Download the .ova image

I went for Win7 with ie11, Win10 image beeing so slow it was unusable on my small NUC desktop.


  • Import the .OVA in Virtualbox using the Virtual Appliance tool
  • Keep the default settings and Import

Create a system snapshot right now, the Windows image has a 90 days only licence.

  • Start the VM. You should not need to enter the password on Win7 image, but if needed > login: IEUser / pwd: Passw0rd!
  • Update Windows
  • Update IE11 to Edge

Shared Folders

Create a Shared Folder between the host (Linux) and guest (Windows) :

  • Create a share folder on Host (ie. ~/Public/VMShare)
  • In VM Navigate to Shared Folders and click ‘Adds new shared folder’
  • In next pop-up dialog do:
  • Folder Path: choose a folder in the Host OS to share with.
  • Folder Name: auto generated after chosen folder.
  • Enable ‘Auto-mount’.
  • Enable ‘Read-only’ if you DON’T want to add/edit the folder files in Guest.
  • Mount point: leave it empty.
  • Make sure GuestAdditions is installed
  • Reboot

The Shared folders will appear on the guest in “Computer”



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