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About Enyata: What You Should Know

Africa as a continent is fast-growing, and with the emergence of startups in every industry, it is only going to get bigger. A recent article by TechCrunch anticipates the next year 2022 bringing more venture investments to the continent. This means more funds for the industry, and even more products and ideas for the economy.

This advent has created a lot of engagement for the world of technology, design, content, and other related fields. Businesses need to access the talents and tools needed to develop and scale their products and usually, this means finding the right people to do the job (cue companies like Softcom, Intelia, and of course, Enyata).


On the surface, one might refer to Enyata as a dev shop or more noticeably, the startup that fosters the BuildUp initiative and the Enyata Academy programme. Enyata was built for two reasons: to help businesses build innovative and sustainable solutions, and to foster a sustainable community for software engineers in Africa. These reasons have so far been reflected in all that we offer including the aforementioned community initiatives.


In line with the company’s vision, Enyata has been able to help businesses realise their ideas by helping them develop efficient products and also offering them tools to help them build said products.

Up to this point, Enyata has built a rich portfolio of web and mobile projects. They have partnered with companies across the world to build effective tech solutions.

“Our relationship with Enyata has been incredibly positive and I couldn’t recommend them more to other companies. From their code quality to their amazing attention to detail I know that any project I give to them will be handled with care. They are hands down one of the top development teams I’ve ever worked with.”

- James Schuler, CTO, Kafene.

They have also helped the tech community by providing learning resources, support, and opportunities in hopes of supporting developer growth within the continent.

“At the Academy, A senior designer taught us the rudiments of design and how it is key to the success of a product. I learnt how to create and navigate design screens on Figma, learnt about prototypes, wireframes, etc. My biggest takeaway from the design classes is to always duplicate the design to my drafts instead of viewing or working on the original copy, I learnt this the hard way fam😰.”

- Success Ologunsua, How I Inadvertently Got Into Software Engineering: My Enyata Academy Story.


Still in line with the current mission to provide value to the African ecosystem, plans are currently in motion to foray beyond Nigeria. Enyata Ghana is at the forefront of this expansion, as the team has commenced operations and is still active in its recruitment process.

According to CEO, Oladayo Oyelade, “the plan is to ensure Enyata broadens the tech space beyond Africa. We want to build a world where great ideas, products, and companies come to fruition quickly whilst achieving the required impact. Our work is to facilitate the process, however we can.


Enyata as an institution is structured to help drive the company and its goals forward. At the core of the establishment is a culture that promotes trust, equality, inclusivity, and creativity.

When it comes to providing value to the employees, the company maintains the same level of enthusiasm that it expends on external initiatives. Employees are given avenues for growth while learning; making sure resources and guidance are made available.

In terms of operations, the focus is placed on building world-class products, providing excellent services using technology to inspire and implement solutions to enable businesses. This is seen in the range of talents employed — Product designers, Mobile developers, Front and Backend developers, Content writers, Product managers, Quality Assurance engineers, Administrative staff, Sales representatives — all accorded the same level of responsibility and regard.

Conclusively, you may regard Enyata as a dev shop or a tech academy, or even a community forerunner; but when viewed through an objective lens, you’d find that whichever the case may be, their strategy is woven around effort — an effort to serve and ensure development in all they do.

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