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Quality assurance(QA)
Noun • /​​ˈkwɒlɪti-əˈʃʊər(ə)ns/
The process of managing the quality of a software product throughout the development process.

At face value, quality assurance is the testing phase of the development process. But more than that, it is the deciding factor for measuring a successful product launch as it is in this phase that accuracy is most optimised.


Unlike inspections, Quality Assurance is not exercised after the product has been built. The QA methods are embedded in the development process so that the final product arrives with the quality built-in.

It is easy to see what role(s) it plays within the software development process, but how important is Quality Assurance? And why is it worth the investment?

Well, here are 5 justifications for you to consider:

  • It guarantees user satisfaction:
    Every product built aims to satisfy its consumers, and that is determined by their experiences. QA sees to this by ensuring that the user experience is satisfactory. It’s the only way your users’ needs can be fully met.
  • It ensures security:
    Now, no one goes into production hoping to mess things up, but that doesn't mean mistakes won’t happen, even after the launch. Quality assurance (like the name suggests) ensures that your product is built securely and tested properly so that all functionalities work just fine.
  • It maintains product quality:
    QA processes are designed to ensure stability and reliability. It is not enough that a product provides a solution; but that it is executed seamlessly. QA does that by optimising for efficiency.
  • It saves time and money:
    Quality Assurance introduces a system that takes care of whatever inadequacies are likely to occur before the product is introduced to its market. This way, you rest assured that you have eliminated every risk that could take up your time and resource in the future.
  • It protects your brand’s reputation:
    Your brand is only as good as the quality of your offerings. By consistently releasing good products that provide solutions efficiently, you can build a good impression and further establish a favourable perception for your business.


Having the right systems in place is the most effective way to maximise for the best output. This can only be done when Quality Assurance is introduced to the product development process.



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