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10 Safe Commandments

At Safe, our sense is that if we take the time cultivate a strong culture we will be prepared for the inevitable ups and downs of life and business. Our goal is to create foundational principles so that we are built to last.

Feel Safe.

Safety first. If you ever feel unsafe, get help. When we all feel safe, it’s easier to enjoy ourselves and our work. Feeling safe allows you to try new ideas and take risks.

Trust Your Team.

Trust your team so that we maintain a safe and effective environment. When we trust one another, we’re more likely to communicate openly, share knowledge, and take appropriate risks. When in doubt, trust that others are doing their part to achieve our higher goals.

Listen Carefully.

Focus on the meaning of what someone is saying so that you understand them. If you don’t understand them, ask for clarification.

Be Resourceful.

Discern between what is needed vs what is wanted. Be open to creative ways to do more with less.

Defend Yourself.

If threatened, protect yourself, and if necessary, stop the threat. Always be measured in your response, doing only what is reasonably necessary.

No Rush.

Practice patience so that you focus on longer term outcomes and goals, rather than short term results. We would rather take our time and make good decisions, than to be impulsive and make unnecessary mistakes.

Easy as Possible.

Always think about how you can make or do things easier.

Get It Done

Do what you need to do even when you don’t want to. It’s better to get it done early so you don’t keep thinking about it.

The Best of Everything.

Do your best and strive for excellence. To achieve our goals, we all need to do our part the best we can.

It’s All Possible.

Have an open mind and listen carefully. If you believe that anything is possible, the world will open up, and you’ll begin to see opportunities pop up in places you never expected. It is important that you believe this.

In order, we are in service to:

Service to humanity, service to the community, service to customers, service to employees, service to management, service to stockholders and shareholders.

Our Core Values:

This is a living document that may be continuously updated and refined over time.

#️⃣✍🏾 #CodeSigned #CodeSignedBy

RJ /// Rodney Gainous Jr /// @RG2Official /// (424) 334–8004

Life is a game.

S/O to Lincoln W Daniel.




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Rodney Gainous Jr

Rodney Gainous Jr

Founder of Safe, the security company.

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