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Times flies.

I noticed I had a strange experience of everything feeling like a dream.

So like any millennial would do, I asked Google what that meant.

There’s nothing wrong, I feel fine.

Just that my memories are more light, like a dream. I feel fine but understand this might not be a normal experience.

Especially given the circumstances of racial tension, COVID, and high unemployment.

Despite the size of my ambitions, or what’s going on, what I have to do…

I feel no stress, as if I’m just following a plan. On automatic.

I’ve let go of all things I can’t control, and let things happen. Feels like acceptance.

And for me, although “Derealization” is what Google says. There has been times in my life I’ve felt this way.

Those times were almost always a transition period to a new way of life, a new way to live, most of the time for the better.

So these days I just do what I feel is right, and observe all perspectives, then continue to move forward and learn.

Time flies. Pay attention.

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RJ /// Rodney Gainous Jr /// @RG2Official /// (424) 334–8004

Life is a game.

S/O to Lincoln W Daniel.




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Rodney Gainous Jr

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