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Most important thing is you build a product so good that people spontaneously tell their friends about it. That’s 80% of the work.

Most of the successful startups you know and use you got from someone else telling you about them.

A startup should be simple and easy to understand. There should be some people that think it’s cool even if most don’t see it.

The most important startups start in small markets that are growing very very quickly. Identify a market that is going to grow every year and ride the wave.

Be able to differentiate real and fake trends. A real trend is something that is actually going to happen.

A real trend is when people buy it and love using it. A fake trend are people who buy but don’t use the product.

An example of a fake trend: VR headsets are not being used intensely.

Startups need an evangelical founder, the person who is the head. They raise money, talk to the press, use their enthusiasm to capture the worlds attention.

Grow more ambitious over time. People don’t buy into grandiosity.

Ambitious projects are very interesting. It’s very hard to bring together very smart people to build a vision.

You need to confident in your vision of the future. Having courage in your convictions increases your chances of success.

Going for something that is huge if it works attracts the best people.

Building a great team is everything.

You need optimistic smart people. The world will try to fight you.

There are a handful of people who are idea generators. They are very important for the team, even if most of the ideas are bad.

Have a belief that no matter the obstacle it will work out because you believe in what you know and the team you’ve built.

You want real leaders that step up and get shit done.

You need people who will act even with a low amount of data, and if they are wrong they are able to adapt quickly.

When you are a startup you can take more bets than you normally would. Use that advantage, for example: hiring inexperienced but high potential employees.

Never lose momentum, keep your foot on the gas. It’s difficult to get momentum back.

Startups need a competitive advantage over time and sensible business model. Even if you don’t have it all figured it out.

A strategy to grow is a must, you need distribution or a way to get people to use your product.

Look for ideas that sound bad but are good.

In a big company people don’t have the ability to do a great idea if they get 1 no. Whereas a startup only needs 1 yes to get a crack at it.

The speed of market evolution gives startups an advantage over a big competition.

A big platform shift, such as the iPhone, allows for a whole suite of new companies to get big. Many large companies are too slow to adapt to a platform shift.

This is a living document, and will continuously be updated and refined.

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A creative technology studio and lifestyle brand.

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