Intellectual Arrogance

Photo by Phil Botha on Unsplash

I’m smarter than you. Smarter than y’all… all of you.

You said what? Not logical. You did what? Are you dumb?

Logic trumps all and I know everything.

Said the intellectually arrogant.

I wonder what they think when they listen to music.

I wonder what they see when they look at art.

I wonder what they hear when people are hurt.

I wonder if they’ll ever understand…

The world is not all logical.

The world is not a straight line.

And intellectual arrogance is a handicap.

Not strength.

#️⃣✍🏾 #CodeSigned #CodeSignedBy

RJ /// Rodney Gainous Jr /// @RG2Official /// (424) 334–8004

Life is a game.

S/O to Lincoln W Daniel.


A creative technology studio and lifestyle brand.

Rodney, “The architect.”

Written by


A creative technology studio and lifestyle brand.

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