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Love From a Distance

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There are people that I love, that I cannot be around.

And it’s not because they’re all bad people.

It’s because some people lack the mindset it takes to move forward despite adversity.

It’s because some people grew under environments were respect wasn’t given or received.

It’s because some people, pull you down, and whether it’s intentional or unintentional, it happens… you know those types of people who throw seeds of doubt in your mind.

Those seeds in doubt destroy your confidence, make you not sure what to do next.

Even though you love these people, who are often family and early friends.

You know who they are, and have to limit your time with them.

Otherwise you’ll get pulled into the negativity, the anger, the resentment.

It never leads anywhere useful, and to be honest. As the last of the millennials, there’s a lot of low self-esteem, no code being followed, people value likes over relationships, views over connection.

It’s a strange world, and before I get too off tangent.

The solution to toxic people is to love from a distance.

You can’t help who you love and care about, but you can help how you deal with them and respond to them.

Love from a distance, and protect your energy.

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Life is a game.

S/O to Lincoln W Daniel.




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Rodney Gainous Jr

Rodney Gainous Jr

Founder of Safe, the security company.

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