Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

We can see you… you don’t know we can see you?

So you keep acting… but we’re aware.

Aware of the role. Aware of the switch…

Feels weird though… knowing what you think.

You think you’re smart. You think you’re clever.

You don’t think we notice… but we do. But we have our own lives.

Our own problems… our own hardships to deal with…

So nothing is said… nothing is done. And you keep going…

With the facade. The smoke. The mirrors.

Building up a rep. Building up a character.

Detached from reality…

Until you go too far, and reality revolts…

It snaps.

And the play is over.

#️⃣✍🏾 #CodeSigned #CodeSignedBy

RJ /// Rodney Gainous Jr /// @RG2Official /// (424) 334–8004

Life is a game.

S/O to Lincoln W Daniel.


A creative technology studio and lifestyle brand.

Rodney, “The architect.”

Written by


A creative technology studio and lifestyle brand.

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