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Prioritize Properly

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What matters?

There’s a lot of distractions in the world. So what do you focus on?

Me personally, I’m not all systematic about it.

But there’s some obvious things that stand out to me.

One priority for me is independence.

So when it comes time to make a decision, it’s simple.

If a choice improves the future of my independence, I’m biased towards that choice.

Another priority for me is safety. If a choice is dangerous, literally, then I won’t do it.

That’s not everything, but there is simple things.

Obvious things if you ask me, but common sense isn’t always common.

For others it may be family, friends, relationships, food, games and more.

But it’s easy to see what people prioritize, pay attention to their actions.

What do they fight for? What are they biased to? Why?

I heard somewhere online that

stress is the inability to decide whats important.

Sounds cliche and true.

So think about it, what is actually important to you, and demonstrate it.

But before I end this, remember, the world is always changing.

Priorities shift, depending on the circumstances.

If I’m at war, I’m prioritizing winning over safety.

Safety may lead to hiding and losing, ultimately being unsafe.

Winning a war inherently, provides safety.

Anyways… all this to say.

Prioritize properly.

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Life is a game.

S/O to Lincoln W Daniel.




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Rodney Gainous Jr

Rodney Gainous Jr

Founder of Safe, the security company.

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