Objections Guide — Technology Recruiting

Wiring this article as a general purpose list of objections in a recruiting role. My experience being primarily technology recruiting. I’ll be updating with new objections regularly and feel free to comment your own ideas and objections you see.

Information Request Objections

  1. References
    Quit my last job.
    Boss was a dummy.
    Don’t want to bombard my references with calls from recruiters
    Don’t want to share until I have an offer in hand
  2. Contact information
    Don’t want spam
    Tel me now what your opportunities are
  3. Referrals
    Don’t know anyone

Job Specific Objections


  1. Pay
  2. Team
  3. Project
  4. A la carte menu — pricing all skills together rather than separately.

Perm Specific

  1. The salary is too low
  2. Location
  3. Company stability

Temp Specific

  1. Pay rate too low
  2. Contract length too long/too short
  3. Location is too far
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