Event technology to host Virtual events

jennifer lee
Event Technology Trends
3 min readMay 18, 2021


As we move forward to the digital world, more technologies are emerging and ruling over the old techniques of hosting an event. Going virtual is the new normal. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus, virtual events have witnessed great popularity across the globe in recent years.

No doubt, the worth of traditional events will always hold its impotence but as they are currently out of our league, going virtual is the only best option we have to continue with our business.

Planning a virtual event requires similar attention and tactics to in-person events. Whether you are thinking to organise a conference, meetings, party, shows, and whatever else, all can be done on the virtual event platform seamlessly.

While you are planning your event, technology plays a critical role as we all know that without using efficient tech tools you might not be able to deliver your message to your target audience. Technology helps in promoting and executing your event online without any hustle and bustle. Here in this blog, I have listed the most relevant event technology elements that will definitely help you organise a successful and memorable virtual event. So without any further ado, let’s directly jump to the case:

Layout Event Website

An event page layout is a place that enables attendees to receive all valuable insight regarding your event. This is a viable tool that helps event organisers to market their event effectively while at the same time grab the attention of their target audience. Having an eye-catching event page is mandatory because this will decide whether your attendees will register to your event or not. Inculcate all the necessary information like date & time of your event, agenda of the event, who all will be attending your event- speaker, professional, celebrities, or any other important guest. Apart from that, add pictures and videos of your previous event experience, bio of your speakers and other guests, and most importantly don’t forget to add a direct link to your registration page so that attendees don’t have to wander around to get themselves registered.


Yet another important tool for any event organiser is the registration tool as it helps in gathering your target’s data. Make your enrollment tool easy to use so that you save your visitors time. You can add an AI matchmaking feature to your registration page which will later help attendees to find people with similar interests. This will help you execute your event successfully.

Email Marketing

Email marketing may sound old but it is the most effective tool for organisations. It helps in creating a buzz that forever increases your registration number at the event. You can circulate your latest updates, news, and any other credential in a form of email newsletters within your contacts to let them know about your event.

Online Event Guide

Having a virtual event guide is a must as this may help your audiences to take a complete walkthrough of your platform seamlessly. Creating an event guide is the most important element of event technology in response to virtual events. This feature is user-friendly as it helps attendees to get familiar with the multiple spaces in the platform.

Event Feedbacks

Unlike physical events, virtual events do not enable planners to capture the attendee’s facial reactions during the event. Collecting the feedback of attendees post-event becomes crucial to measure the success of an event. It helps in identifying the most qualified leads that can be later converted into sales.

Social Media and Emoticon Integrations

Event technology is used to integrate social media channels in your virtual event to maximise your reach. Integrating emoticons in your virtual events enables attendees to show their appreciation towards a session or speaker. It helps in engaging attendees effortlessly.

Some Innovative Virtual Event Ideas

You can host an ample number of virtual events by leveraging the right technology and utilising comprehensive virtual event solutions. But, when it comes to curating an innovative virtual event idea the task becomes a little more tricky for many planners. Right from gamifying your virtual events to drive engagement to add some fun to your virtual events by organising virtual concerts, cooking classes, comedy shows the possibilities are endless. To know more about virtual event ideas, read 25 Innovative Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Event.

Times ahead are calling to go digital, if you have not yet entered the gateway of digitalization, now is the time to switch from in-person events to virtual ones!