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GM Chamber: Doing Business in Canada

How a strange case of serendipity turns into a real opportunity

Economic Background

For those who haven’t followed my Canadian trip a few weeks ago, Canada offers a very compelling case for companies around the world. Canadian GDP increased faster than ours since 2002.

Canadian GDP increased from 750 billion to close 1.6 trillion from 2002 to 2016. An increase of 113% compared to the UK’s 60% increase. Almost double the performance and half the population. The Canadian economy is approaching UK levels and part of that is the UK’s traditional problem with productivity.

CETA is regarded as a “gold standard” in trade agreements. It uses new models of legislation and trade which cover off aspects of services especially technology, drastically modernising trade agreements and allowing for regulatory and legislative recognition on each other’s side of the agreement.

Investing in Trade with Canada

With CETA very much on the table in the very near future, which the UK will almost certainly exit in the medium term, given our exit from the EU. Talks are under way to ensure that CETA is allowed to continue in our absence, as the High Commissioner presented the unpalletable possibility trade begins under the provisional CETA agreement but then cannot be treatised because the 28 member states present at the time are reduced to 27. With the grief that the UK populous gave the EU over the Wilona incident, I can see this being used as a lever to force the EU to play to our tune. Rightly or wrongly.

Canadian High Commissioner Ms. Janice Charette speaking the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Manchester and Canadian companies trade a symmetric £250 million each way, £500 million bidirecitonal trade which forms part of a package of £11.5 billion worth of trade with the UK.
  • Canadian companies such as CGI, owners of Logica, employ 6,000 people across the UK in 16 locations, including Manchester. Quite small, but useful numbers. Not that I am necessarily the biggest fan of CGI ;)
  • Warburtons have been using Canadian wheat for their bread for 140 years!
  • 1st July 2017 is the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canada. Celebrating 150 years since the founding of the country.



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