Why are booth babes still a thing at (some) Tech events?
Cate Lawrence


As an attendee of a lot of expos, conferences, exhibitions etc. I absolutely agree with Cate! The idea of “booth babes” is a horrendous concept, for a good few reasons:

  1. They stand there as “bait”. To lure often other sales people in, then they pass them on to someone else. Often a male, to continue the sales experience. If they are extremely successful, the male can’t keep up. Which means people walk anyway… to the next booth of similar standing.
  2. Given the notice, the “bait” doesn’t get time to learn your product. So they know so little about your offering and style, including how to work the demo, that the experience looks unprofessional. Both in pitch and competence. Which means…
  3. You’ve paid someone to make you look unprofessional, incompetent and uninvestable.

As well as being unnecessarily sexist, it’s a cheap, classless tactic which attracts only cheap, classless people. Often not the decision makers. The big fish you actually want to have, who have seen this a million times before and may even have used this very same tactic in a previous life!

I remember I was collared by one such [young] lady who literally just stood right in my way, even as I attempted to dodge her and others as I was walking past. Then came the awkward “Don’t make eye contact… don’t… don’t”

She lowers her face chasing my face as I was putting my hands over my eyes in shock as if a thousand laser pointer dots on the floor that I was chasing to avoid her gaze suddenly turned into my eyes all at once. If ever there was anything guaranteed to make me feel like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, it wa…

“Hi! Can I interest you in…”

“No! I’ve used your products before. They’re sh*t!”

*Take advantage of the awkward pause like a stun grenade, and make a run for it*

We have a long way to go!

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