Pivot: Introducing BzSkits

A story of what works, what bored and what borked.

A year ago, we started to write articles on medium. The platform, with its minimalist structure and app, was a great way to get articles out there hit very little effort.

At the time, our focus was to write articles which were less technical and more business IT focused. We had our technical blogs and LinkedIn for the other stuff.

The last 12 months have been an eventful year. For me in particular, it has been one heck of a roller-coaster ride. From the horrific experience of being the victim of an exploitative client we’re still dragging through the courts, to fruitless exercises with SME’s that I dedicated the last 12 months to, to the Brexit vote. Most of 2016 has been an unmitigated disaster, as it has been for a lot of people and like them, I wanted to hit Ctrl+Z on it all and start again. However, we’ve learned a lot! About people. Who are the ones to trust, who are the ones who have integrity, who we’ll miss, who will stab you in the back and who are the ones who ruin it for others as each of those have happened to us this year.


Tech Sojourna was a place to share our learning. A place to highlight those rare gems who go above and beyond, as well as provide our irreverent look at the Business Tech scene. However, what we came to realise, both in its structure and how we laid it out, was that it lacked focus and targeted segmentation.

It wasn’t educational, though there was educational content. It wasn’t technical, though we touched upon it. It wasn’t purely about business, since LinkedIn covered that space for us and things started to take a personal turn as I personally started to write about Brexit a lot more. Even now I just can’t fathom why. Dear gawd why?!

With Medium’s new tabs feature, we had a way to categorise it. So we have done.

Our new BzSkits paper makes navigation much simpler and more intuitive. Readers of Medium will find the interface very familiar.

All your favourite stories from Tech Sojourna are still here. We have split out our stories into Several default tabs for the content that we have. Stories may appear more than once in our publication and our medium-esque tabbing updates based on trending or popular content.

In order to focus the articles more on business life, we’ve renamed our publication BzSkits. It keeps the easy reading theme, whilst better communicating that this publication is for business and startup life as whole, not just tech.

Opening Up Our World

Lastly, we’ve seen a lot of good content on medium. A lot! Some amazing writers have made medium their home and some great startup ideas and productivity hacks have come about as a result. We are keen to showcase great writing, tips and tricks on our site and so, we’re opening our doors to any writer who feels their content is useful to others and has a clear sense of community and integrity, in the spirit of sharing.

If you think there is a tip, trick or treat (31st October is Halloween) others will find useful, drop us a link to your article or submit it to our publication.

We hope you enjoy the new format. Love to hear what you think. Drop us a message hello@axelisys.co.uk

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