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Social media is ruining our lives and algorithms are taking over our world.

But we are pretending like nothing is going on around us let’s test it by looking at ourselves deep down and asking ourselves this question “Are we using technology the right way?

The reason I say that is because we don’t know what is going on with our data or where is heading because we think these companies are friendly but they are not they might seem like it but that isn’t the case.

The thing that they discovered about us is that we like free stuff because if Youtube or Snapchat were subscription-based like Netflix most people wouldn’t properly use it.

If we are not paying for the application then we are the product because look at Facebook they don’t sell things like Apple or Microsoft because humans are their product.

Our brains are being studied by algorithms every day as we spend more time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube instead of reading books.

We are just social media consumers, and we are becoming dumber. I know you are feeling attacked but it’s the truth. Social media apps make money by taking advantage of your time.

I have seen a documentary on Netflix called Social dilemma, Which talks about how social media is stealing our data and selling it with no regrets.

Former seniors that worked for big companies like Facebook, Twitter, and even famous Instagram’s early team are exposing the threat that social media has.

These tools were developed to help people connect with each other, seek information, and make education more advanced, but not to turn people and their data into products and think they are future money-making tools.

This is something we should think about because they told us in this documentary that these companies are already selling our data to the highest bidder.

There is a book the was written by Jaron Lanier called Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now and this really opened up my mind at first I didn’t believe it because I was addicted to social media but what kept me going was because I liked reading books so by the time I finished the book. I made a big decision and that was to completely stop using and deleting unnecessary social media applications or web applications that I didn’t need so, I can improve myself and help the world to be aware of the things that are happening around them if not adults then at least the upcoming children that are the future of the world.

I fear for children that are using the internet in this era that we are in and when I say that I mean that some kids deal with cyberbullying and this alone can corrupt a child’s mind I believe no parents want this problem but still they give their kids devices.

Because they are lost in this digital world themselves and that is why their children won’t listen to them because the kids will ask themselves “ why are they telling me to put my phone down?

I know they want to make their children happy but at the same time, they are giving them a tool that can destroy their minds so instead of telling them to go away talk to them, have fun with them and make them feel like you are there for them.

Before phones or any other devices came out, Families used to play board games with each other, and people used to be more productive compared to nowadays.

To overcome this challenge we need to use our devices for a limited time, so we can save our children’s future otherwise these companies will gather lots of data and sell it particularly and the world will be a toxic place.

The only way to break the chain is to delete any unnecessary Social Media applications because these apps will collect your data without your knowledge.

Delete unnecessary apps.

Let us save our world and the digital world because these tools were developed so humankind could achieve greater things.



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