Review of Hey.Press PR Tool

“Hey.Press is a searchable media database. Find the most relevant journalist for free.”

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At present, Hey.Press doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles to it but that’s actually one of the things I like most about it. Other services can take a bit of leg work to get up and running but because Hey.Press is so simple to use, it was quick and easy to get right to work.

My favorite “feature” Hey.Press offers is its “pay as you go” model. Obviously not everything can be free and honestly, I have no problem paying for tools and services that actually help me get shit done. What’s frustrating is that a lot of services want to take your money first before even providing you with access to their service which seems a bit backwards. Sure, some offer limited time money back guarantees but those can be tricky and it’s often a pain in the ass to cancel. Not to mention you can’t get back the time you invested in giving the service a shot.

As a bonus, their CEO Ed Moyse took the time to follow up with a personalized note to my start-up Boon after we signed up for the service just to wish us luck. Though this doesn't directly relate to the service Hey.Press provides, it does offer insight into how the company operates as a whole. One of the benefits of working with SMB’s is that they can provide a more individualized experience to their customers and it’s enjoyable to find circumstances when that’s actually the case.

Overall, Hey.Press is definitely worth checking out. Particularly if you’re a young start-up/smb with a tight budget and looking to get the most out of each dollar you spend.