Why “Headless CMS” Is Becoming So Popular?

Mirza Dabeer Hussain
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3 min readApr 12, 2018


I believe that Headless CMS architecture is a great solution to robust our team of developers, and desire to publish dynamic and innovative content to any type of platform or device connected via IoT.

Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI9Y4UbBIA8

Headless CMS is a system to control the content that is separated from the display layer or the front-end user experience.

Why Headless CMS Born?

  • The headless CMS concept is one born of the demands of the digital era and a business’s need to focus on engaging customers with personalized content via multiple channels at all stages of the customer journey.
  • As the content in a headless CMS is considered “pure” (because it has no presentation layer attached) just one instance of it can be used for display on any device; website, mobile, tablet, Internet of Things devices, smart watches, etc.

Why headless CMS over decoupled CMS?

  • Headless CMS architecture is rising in popularity in the development world. This model allows breakthrough user experiences, gives developers the great flexibility to innovate, and helps site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS.

Serving content to multiple channels/platforms

  • In Today’s world, content is not only be used on the web but also will be shared with other providers, published via APIs and other data feeds.
  • It is also used to populate data to mobile apps, or other platforms. And of course yes, it too can be accessed via web(www).
  • Headless CMS architecture allows for management of content across all of these channels.
  • Centralizing content management and distributing the content in a universal format, your entire platforms can be managed from a single interface.

Headless CMS security under layers

  • Security is the top priority as long as CMS is concerned. The most popular CMS’s in the world right now has the horrendous history in terms of security.
  • How does a headless CMS help? Well, simply enough… You can hide it! Headless CMS’s can be hidden in any number of ways since they are separated from the user layers.
  • This enables the administrator to rest assured that their system is secure and protected against the millions of anonymous attacks happening each month.