Tech / Telecom news — 19 May 2017


Iliad presented 1Q17 results, with +7% revenue yoy, to €1.22bn/Q, leading the French market (21st consecutive Q) in mobile net adds (+240K, to 12.9m), and also growing in FBB (+66K to 6.45m, of which 369K are FTTH). They confirmed their move to unlimited mobile data, as French people think this will be “essential” (Story)


Facebook announced they will show 20 MLB baseball games in live streaming this season, for free. Facebook seems committed to offer high quality content from Facebook Live, and sees baseball as an opportunity, as in these games community experiences and conversations are almost as important as the sport itself (Story)


Salesforce presented relatively good 1Q17 results, after the lukewarm guidance from last quarter. They even lifted projections for 2017, which now expect +22–23% yoy growth to $10.3bn for the whole year. They claim this is due to their taking share in their CRM SaaS core business, in spite of pressure from Oracle, Microsoft (Story)


Android already powers 85% of world’s smartphones, 2bn users (!). But they still suffer a severe fragmentation problem, as only 7% users have the latest version, limiting penetration (and investment return) of Google’s new AI features. So Google plans to release basic software to make upgrades easier (Project Treble) (Story)


Rumours this week that Amazon is in conversations with Dish for a potential deal involving the use of Dish’s strong spectrum assets. But the opportunity is unclear, with US wireless market not in its best shape, and with no obvious way for Amazon to add anything disruptive. So this could be just a way to heat Dish’s stock (Story)

Seven weeks after Verizon, AT&T yesterday announced plans for a nationwide LTE-M launch, after completing deployment ahead of schedule. Plans will start at $1.50/device, with modules costing $7.50 each. They also said they will complement US footprint with a LTE-M deployment in Mexico during 2017 (Story)

América Móvil reacted to this announcing plans to roll out LTE-A (they called it a “4.5G network”) in Mexico by the end of 2017, looking to address opportunities in the internet of things, and they also announced deployments of 5G for 2020, which they would expect to increase access speeds by 10x and reduce latency to 5ms (Story)


Google is working on an indoor positioning system (“kind of like GPS”) using computer vision tech and devices’ cameras, which would have plenty of applications at retail stores, where smartphones could suddenly have the ability to guide customers to specific products (and where Google could sell ad hoc ads, too…) (Story)


Facebook will have to pay a €110m fine to the EU for delivering misleading information by denying the technical feasibility of sharing data between WhatsApp and Facebook’s core app, in the process of acquisition of the messaging app, back in 2014. The company accepts, but claims this didn’t affect the deal’s approval (Story)


SoftBank finally confirmed their $1.4bn investment in Indian mobile payments leader Paytm, for a 20% stake (at a +40% implied valuation vs. last August). SoftBank has been very active in India, looking for the “next Alibaba”, and is trying to merge Snapdeal and Flipkart, to build a strong local competitor to Amazon (Story)

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