If you crave 5-star hotels, you’ll love the Cabana RV

Doug Bardwell
Tech, Travel, and Photography for Seniors
12 min readNov 17, 2022

The smell of the forest, the sound of the crashing surf, the sight of the stars…all in your room!

If the words Pacific Northwest, road trip, and camper van make you want to pack your bags, you can understand the feelings I had when I first learned about Cabana. They’ve created their own custom-built, or should I say luxury-built, easy-to-drive camper van that was absolutely perfect for our weeklong trip around northwest Washington State.

This is a long read for those who are considering renting, but for the short version…

  • this is an amazing deal with unlimited mileage
  • it’s a small enough vehicle to go and park anywhere
  • multiple entertainment and communication options with cellular 5-G and Wi-Fi
  • enough battery power to travel off the grid
  • everything you need is onboard — just bring clothes and your camera
  • more than enough creature comforts for anyone who’s never camped before
  • if you are out for four days or less, you won’t even need to empty the water tanks
  • just refill the gas tank before returning and you’ll be all set.

If you can’t wait to make a reservation, go here to Cabana.life.

If you’ve got the time, I’d like to share some of the sights we saw and the delight we experienced doing a photo tour of northwest Washington in the Cabana RV.

Not familiar with camping options on the west coast, we availed ourselves of Cabana’s free tour planning assistance. I laid out our route based on maximum driving hours per day and places I wanted to see, but I needed help with suggestions for camping sites. After telling our planner where we wanted to go, she came back with a list of camping site suggestions. That was extremely helpful and saved me a lot of time hunting around the Internet.

Doug Bardwell
Tech, Travel, and Photography for Seniors

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