Mother’s Day Gift Guide — 15 great ideas


Mothers Day Gift Guide

Did you know that the United States has been celebrating Mother’s Day since 1908. Even more interesting, Ann Jarvis, the woman who campaigned for it to be a holiday, eventually tried to kill it; because, it became too commercialized. Welcome to the free-enterprise system, Ann.

Well, despite her concern, we all still think it’s great to do something for dear old Mom on Mother’s Day. While all she probably wants is to have a nice visit with her children, we still want to take a token of our appreciation, so here are some very cool, albeit slightly different gift suggestions.

For the Outdoorsy Mom:


We love to use GOVINO glassses on the patio or at the campsite, as they are shatterproof and dishwasher safe Tritan plastic that look just like glass. And, you don’t have to worry should one of them get bumped off the table. Sure, you might lose your drink, but you won’t be stopping the party to clean up glass shards that typically cover an amazingly large area.

Zoom Tube

ZOOM tube bike audio and lighting

If Mom rides to keep in shape, keeping motivated and keeping safe are two big concerns, and the Sondpex ZOOM tube is here to help with both. Much safer than headphones when riding, the ZOOM tube is loaded with benefits, including dynamite sound from such a compact unit. Holds your smartphone and plays music from Micro SD cards, USB sticks or from your phone via Bluetooth. Also acts as a handsfree phone. Equipped with two high beam LED lights for night riding.

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit

Shooting with a GoPro, a small DSLR or Micro 4/3? Now there’s a versatile camera holster, called SpiderLight Backpacker that is perfect for either belt or backpack mounting. Forget that floppy camera strap and enjoy…



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