Pale Blue Batteries for max convenience and power

Rechargeable batteries were a hot commodity when they first hit the market, but fizzled out as they wouldn’t hold a charge as they got older.

Pale Blue is here to solve that problem with a battery that can replace up to 4,000 alkaline batteries. If you care about Good Mother Earth — that’s going to make you a favorite son or daughter.

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Made with Lithium Polymer, these batteries charge in 1/5 the time of their former counterparts — the old Nickel Metal Hydrate batteries. The Pale Blue batteries are rated for 1,000+ charge cycles, which is something the NiMh couldn’t even come close to.

The best part

My favorite feature

For me, the killer feature on these Pale Blue batteries is the micro USB charging port built right into the batteries themselves. No more remembering to haul around a clunky 110v charger to charge your batteries. Now, a simple four-cable USB charging cable can repower your batteries from wall adapter, battery pack or computer.

When needing a charge, they will light up red as you plug them in. When they are charged, the LED ring will change to green.

Pale Blue batteries charge in two hours average and provide higher and more consistent output. The AA batteries feature 1,500mAh of stored power while the AAA battteries feature 450mAh.

Check out the details and order Pale Blue Batteries here. Batteries are scheduled to ship January 1, 2020.

Disclosure: A set of Pale Blue Batteries were provided to us by the manufacturers for testing purposes, but opinions are and always have been, strictly our own.

Originally published at on November 28, 2019.




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