Automating Your Private Social Media Accounts

Usually, I don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining my private social media channels, but I like to post my images across channels. The following automation let’s me achieve this goal without lifting a finger:

Instagram first

Usually I take my picture with the iPhone and also edit them on it. It comes very handy that Instagram is mobile first so I start by publishing my photo on Instagram with a slim description keeping in mind that this text will also be published to other networks. There I also activate publishing to my tumblr right away.

To tumblr for the overview

tumblr archive let’s me go back in time quickly

Through that I always have my two accounts in sync. Even if my tumblr is not the first place I review my pictures, I like the way tumblr let’s me go through my archive and customize my photo blog. Also I’m way to lazy to maintain my blog with different images or through tumblr’s interface.

If this than that, that and that … aaand that

From here on the automation receives a booster with IFTTT. The service let’s me share the content to Facebook and Twitter the way I want. Twitter does not support posting Instagram images from the just the link, so IFTTT kicks in and creates a photo tweet from an Instagram post. Also IFTTT feeds my Facebook fanpage with a link post to my tumblr entry.

The end is not the end

In the end I can provide content to each channel in a channel-specific way, without moving one finger. And the result is quite nice:

Origin on Instagram @dnprfct
Then over to my blog, to my Twitter channel and to the Facebook page
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