Tech reads 19th May 2017

What I promise is to share articles about technology and social media every Friday. I try to read quite a bit over the week so it’s nice to share some out. So here goes …

The Social Media Examiner has always been a place to find out the tricks of the social media trade. This article is a handy ‘How to make an animated GIF’ resource.

Somebody has to do it but this one from Darren Caveney tells all. Its called “I reviewed 500 social media accounts – Want to know what I learned?”

Facebook looks completely dominant as it’s Instagram product hits Snapchat hard. But this from Guardian Tech is reminder that it’s not all sun and hay for Facebook “Facebook shares dip from high as investors fret over costs, future profit.”

Sometimes when you want to learn a skill you need to go direct to the source so this one from Apple ‘How to shoot on an Iphone’

So that’s it for this week. The tech reading list will get better each week.

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