Calling for a Day of Action on May Day

In full solidarity with a diverse alliance of community organizations and workers associations, the Tech Workers Coalition joins in the call for a Day of Action on May Day, 2017. We need a unified movement of workers from all sectors to counteract the ongoing assault on the working class, immigrants, and minority communities. An injury to one is an injury to all regardless of workplace. We ask tech workers to stand up alongside our allies and demand equality and justice for all workers now.


✔ Connect with like-minded coworkers at your place of work

✔ No purchasing

✔ Contribute to the strike fund for Food Workers Alliance

✔ Ditch work and hit the streets

✔ Stay at work and spread the word

  • Work somewhere workers are striking? Post a picture or tweet how the absence of striking workers is felt in your workplace #techcandobetter #mayday

✔ Pre-May Day background events to attend

Share how you’re going to spend May 1 #mayday #daywithoutanimmigrant #twc

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