Tech Workers’ Values: An Open Forum

For good and bad, the technology industry has a pervasive influence in all of our lives. From the conflicts between surveillance and privacy in the technology we build, to the inequities and lack of diversity endemic to our industry, we as tech workers have an important role in shaping how many major societal issues play out in the coming years.

We believe that tech workers should come together and clearly define the values and policies we’d like to see our companies uphold. Together we have the power to hold our companies and industry accountable for the impact they’ll have on the future. We must build a better world not only for programmers and engineers, but for all workers in our community.

This Sunday, at 7pm, we invite all workers in the technology industry, regardless of workplace or job function, to come together at the Redstone Labor Temple (2940 16th St in San Francisco) to discuss the issues we face, define our values, and band together to work towards a more just and economically inclusive world.

RSVP here: Facebook || Meetup

About Tech Workers Coalition

We are a coalition of workers in and around the tech industry, labor organizers, community organizers, and friends. We are organizing for activism, civic engagement, and education in the Bay Area. We work in solidarity with existing movements towards social justice, workers rights, and economic inclusion.

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