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If you’re new to UCLA, welcome, otherwise, welcome back! This is just a quick post to (re)introduce ACM AI, UCLA’s artificial intelligence and machine leaning club. We’re an organization dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of AI and ML to all undergraduates, regardless of major, background, or previous experience. Not only do we teach, but we also hack around on the newest and coolest ideas out there, host reading groups for AI-related textbooks and papers, and engage with the broader community through collaboration with graduate students, professors, and industry leaders.

Why this might interest you

AI and machine learning has rapidly risen to be the hottest topic in the computing world over the last few years. Whether your goals include just wanting to get a solid understanding of machine learning and AI, or learn how to apply these concepts to a specific field that interests you, or building an AI to take over the world, we’re here to help. We’ll be taking you from no background in machine learning an AI to having a solid understanding of the field, using the modern tools industry professionals and researchers use, and discussing tips and tricks we’ve learned from our experiences in AI.

What we’ve done in the past

One of our Tensorflow Workshops

In the past, we’ve hosted events and workshops that cover fundamental topics in AI and machine learning, including introductory tutorials to the A* algorithm and a deep dive into linear regression. Last quarter, we hosted an 8-week workshop series on machine learning with Tensorflow, where we delved into some of the most impactful topics in recent years in the field, while learning the most popular library among researchers and industry specialists alike. We’ve also hosted reading groups, where a few of us get together and discuss chapters and topics that interest us.

What do we plan to do in the future

In the future, we hope to keep working towards our goal of educating anyone who’s interested in the fields of AI and machine learning. We also hope to continue with our reading groups, and increase our involvement with the broader AI community.

Where can you learn more

The best way to stay updated about ACM-AI related happenings is through our Facebook page. If you’re interested in learning some of the basics of machine learning and are not sure where to start, we’ve written a post detailing how to get started in machine learning. As always, you’re encouraged to contact any of the AI officers with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for us!

Thanks, and hope to see you at one of our events this quarter!



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