How To Check Hidden Facebook Messages?

With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook is the leading social networking site in the world. Facebook being so popular and diverse, have many settings and features of which many people are not aware of. One of these feature is the hidden Facebook message requests. Only a few users know about this hidden message box in Facebook. If you are using Facebook for some time then you might have a folder full of unread messages. This folder where your hidden Facebook messages are stored is called Message Requests. And you can access message requests folder from both Messenger App and Facebook Website on desktop.

What Is Facebook Message Requests?

Facebook message requests is a folder under messenger which contains messages sent to you by the people who are not your friend on Facebook. These messages are present in the Message Requests folder in messenger. While you are notified of any messages sent to you by your friend on messenger. But that’s not the case if the message gets delivered to the hidden Facebook Messages request box. However, in the updated Messenger App you will see notification only when you open the App.

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It is very easy to access the hidden Facebook message requests, which is present under message requests option in messenger. Go to for Facebook messenger page. Or you can also click on Messenger which is present on the left side of Facebook homepage below your name and news feed option. That will open messenger with all the messages from your friends. In messenger click on the gear or settings icon at the top left and then select “Message Requests”. There you will find message request folder with the list of received messages you are not aware of.

You can check all the messages sent to you in that folder. You also have the option to accept or ignore the requests to start the conversation with them. Apart from it you can also delete or mark those messages as spam by going to Gear Icon (settings). If you want to view the profile of the sender, you can do that by clicking on his/her profile link displayed at the bottom right.

See Filtered Requests

To your surprise there is one more message box under hidden Facebook message requests, which also contains messages you have received. Click on “See Filtered Requests” and it will display more hidden Facebook Messages. Most of the messages under filtered requests are from pages or groups you liked or joined. These messages usually contains offers and invitations. They are generally considered SPAM by Facebook, that’s why they are placed in filtered request. You can choose to delete all those messages or mark as spam.

How To Check Message Requests on Android or iPhone?

You can also check the hidden Facebook message requests from Messenger App on your Android device or iPhone or iPad. On either of your device tap on Menu Icon and then on the resulting screen, tap “Message Requests” to see hidden messages.

Now to find the Filtered Requests, scroll down and tap on See All. In case of messenger app also there’s an option to accept or delete those messages. Tap on profile pic if you want to view the profile of the person who sent you message.

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So that’s how you can check all of the Facebook hidden messages. You can use both Messenger App on Android device or iPhone or iPad and Facebook website to check all the message requests. Enjoyed this article? Click the 💚 to help other people find it and do Subscribe to my Medium Profile and Publication. You can also visit TechBlogOut For More.We are also on Facebook.

Originally published at on April 13, 2017.