Vietnam Travel: Wander in Hoi An ancient town with these little tips

Apr 30, 2019 · 4 min read

Hoi An Ancient town

Would like to remind that English is my 2nd language. My English is sometimes crazy.

Hoi An is one of my best favorite cities in Vietnam. Cannot remember how many times I traveled to Hoi An (maybe 7) during 6 years. I can tell you how differrent it is from 6 years ago.


Ancient town, view from the bridge — Photo by Winnie

It’s always peaceful & ideal to walk or cycle in every small alley of Hoi An. Taylor shops, book stores & lantern/ gift shops all form the unique beauty of this city.

Hoi An night lights by Winnie


Pick any coffee shop or restaurant that you feel right. Famous dish is Cao Lau (pork noodle) (I don’t really like it :D). The only Restaurant that I has address is Miss Ly 22, Nguyen Hue st. This restaurant in the ancient town is very popular & good (Not cheap, but very good). Sometimes you may see a long queue in front of the restaurant.

Vegetarian options are available in a lot of restaurants in town.

Don't miss the Indian food at Papa's, super tasty.

On the way to our favorite hidden restaurant by motorbike
Our favorite restaurant “BÊN XƯA” in the other side of ancient town — very local & very good


In the evening, don’t miss the chance to sit on a small boat moving along the Thu Bồn river (boatman will offer a 30’ boat ride but we should take 1 hour trip (200–250K/ boat, depends on how you bargain), lie down on the boat to gaze the stars if you’re lucky with the weather. There, you can light up the candle in the lotus shape paper and let it drift on the river. Make your wish.

Hard to describe this by words so I add 1 only photo here for this magical scene.

Local activity by my friend, Trung Tran

DRINK: many small pubs along the river, some offer free 1st cocktail & shisha. I try to point the location on the map, cannot remember names & addresses because I never remember details.

Today, I learned 1 technique to share multi-location on Google map. Thanks to Anton, my new Russian friend. Here we go!


Don’t miss the specialty villages in Hoi An:

Thanh Ha china village — photo by Winnie
Làng gốm Thanh Hà, by Winnie
Tra Que Village — by Winnie


Enjoying local beer at An Bang beach

Only An Bang beach is worth to go (will have more fun if you get there by bicycle). Don’t go to Cua Dai beach, it’s ugly. Small tip for more fun: Bring a kite with you to the beach. Buy it at a grocery store in ancient town.


Sai Gon Beer is cheap & good. Some local beers of Central Vietnam such as: Hanoi Beer, Larue beer & Huda beer are other options.


White Cloud Homestay (cheap, clean, near the river & breakfast included).

My favorite is La Terrazza, Hoi An is located in small aisle near the heart ancient town with the amazing of arice field. Owned by an Italian man. Very peaceful & relax. Room rate: $20

Premium option: Christina’s Hoi An — Tra Que Villas (A couple of my French friends really enjoyed it)

Try a cooking class!

Have fun!

Here is the map of all the mentioned places above:

P/S: I found this link is giving more details about history, food, local belief & sightseeing…

More tips about HOI AN FOOD

If you travel from north to south you may not want to miss these tips about Ho Chi Minh city


In the heart of ancient town: Local people (photo by Winnie, May 2017)


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