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OnionShare — A trusted file sharing tool

In this post we will talk about Onionshare. It is a tool to share files of any size securely and anonymously. OnionShare creates an onion address that someone else can visit in Tor Browser to access the files that you want to share. It does not require that you setup something specific for file sharing or logging into any account. It just create a random web address for your sharable artifact.

You can download the installable directly from website and install it on windows or mac pc. Once installation is done you can open it. A good thing is that when you start the onionshare, it will connect to Tor network for anonymous connectivity. (You can feel safe :)

Connecting to Tor Network

After it is launched you can drop folder or file which you wanted to share.


I am going to share one file now.

Voila ! You can share this URL to people for file download. You can stop the sharing anytime.

Shared file by OnionShare

There are some other functionalities too available with this tool but be aware you have to careful when you donot know what are you playing with !




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