Conducting Requirements Elicitation

In Business Analysis, the “Conduct Elicitation” task comprehends is just 2 main elements: guide elicitation activity and capture elicitation outcomes.

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In Elicitation, after the plan, you will need to act! The BABOK® Guide version 3 defines that Elicitation e Collaborationstarts with the preparation (understanding the scope of the elicitation activity, selecting techniques, and planning for supporting materials and resources) and follows to “Conduct Elicitation”, where the Business Analyst will draw out, explore and identify information pertinent to the change.

The Conduct Elicitation task may be ruled by an Elicitation Activity Plan that includes the planned elicitation activities, its techniques and logistics. The Conduct Elicitation comprehends in just two main elements: guide elicitation activity and capture elicitation outcomes. Understanding these elements will make it easier to get an elicitation where activities are executed correctly and successfully.

Guide elicitation activity

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Guide the Elicitation activity is to guarantee that the Elicitation is centred on delivering the intended information and in the solicited level of detail. For that, it´s necessary that the Business Analyst supervising the planned and proposed business analysis, including each instance of an elicitation activity, and also determining when there has been sufficient elicitation, in order to stop the activity.

Capture elicitation outcomes

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Capture elicitation outcome is the work of register the important information produced during Elicitation activities, that will be used later as a reference for the analysis. It requires from the Business Analyst a strong skill to deal with a lot of information obtained in the Elicitation activities, which is often iterative, may take place in several sessions and sometimes with unplanned activities.

The Elicitation phase is usually seen as a crucial stage of the entire software engineering effort since studies point out that increasing the effectiveness of business analysts and reducing elicitation errors may be the key to get better project outcomes and deliver high-quality software. Because of this, it´s important that conducting Elicitation becomes a critical task that deserves full attention in Business Analysis.