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How To Learn A Programming Language in One Day


Is it possible to learn the basics of a new programming language in just one day?

Have you ever wanted to jump into a new programming language and grab the basics of that language in a day? I have!

I nursed this thought (that it is impossible), until a few months ago when I stumbled on a secret that changed my whole perception of diving into a new programming language.

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You want to know the secret? This is the secret:

It was an app!

Yeah, an app. I stumbled upon this app in one of my Java programming community, and this app has been of utmost help to me.

In this post, I will be sharing with you just a hint on how awesome the app was (is) and why you should go for it; I will share with you how this app has helped me dive into new programming languages.

The app is SoloLearn- perhaps you have heard of it (or even used it), or you’re just getting to know about it.

As at the time of writing this post, SoloLearn has a complete beginner tutorial on the following technologies:

· Java

· JavaScript



· Python




· C++

· C#

· Swift and

· Ruby

(And probably more will be added on future releases of the app).

SoloLearn guides you on the beginner’s track to becoming a full-stack web and software developer using well-tailored and structured tutorials. The tutorials are designed in a learn-by-doing manner; that is to say that you practice immediately you are taught a particular concept.

The Structure of each course is just amazing: a particular tutorial course (say Java) is divided into classes; starting with an overview as the first-class; each class is further divided into subclasses, with each subclass having topics which are treated and demonstrated with example codes, followed by question sections and a code section for you to try your hands on what you were taught to test your understanding of the lesson.

The app comes with its own compiler for all the languages, frameworks and libraries, no extra file downloads are required. If unlike me you are not interested in learning more than one programming language, SoloLearn can also be downloaded for individual languages i.e. you can download SoloLearn for only HTML instead if you are only interested in HTML.

SoloLearn has a nice UI. The app is designed in a very interactive manner where you get to communicate, discuss and share ideas with other users on the platform.

There is a code playground section where you write codes and share with others for comments and feedback; you can comment on the codes of others as well. There is a discussion section where interesting topics are discussed; you can simply join any of such discussions or create your own if your topic of concern has not been created.

The most interesting part of using this platform is the coding challenge section. You can challenge anyone (and also get challenged) to a programming duel. Here, you compete with an opponent on a programming language; questions are asked and the contestant with the highest number of correct responses wins, with the award of badges and advancement in skillset status.

At the end of each course, you are given a certificate to certify that you have finished the beginner’s course for that language, (not that the certificate carries any real-world significance).

Here are my certificates for finishing the HTML and Java courses.

Here is a screenshot of how the classes are divided.

Here is a screenshot of an inbuilt compiler for Java

Here is a screenshot of an inbuilt engine for web development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

Here is a screenshot of a challenge I had with a user on the platform, I won. (name and avatar blurred for privacy).

A screenshot of the available courses on SoloLearn at the time of writing this article

A screenshot of the discussion board

A screenshot of my account on SoloLearn.

SoloLearn is available on play store for android users, on the app store for the Apple guys, on the windows phone store and can also be accessed via the web.

Starting off learning a new programming language with SoloLearn gives you a quick overview of the language in the easiest possible way and in the shortest possible time (in about one day or less), thus making your further and advance studies easier as you will be coming across familiar concepts in the book or online course with which you intend to further your learning. It helps you connect with other learners around the world, compete with them and learn from the various discussions and codes uploaded on the platform.

Go straight to your play store or app store to download SoloLearn and dive straight into learning that programming language you love so much.

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For those that have used the app, what are your experiences, was it of any use?

Join the conversation and leave your comment below.

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