Is iPad Pro worth it — Review after 6 months

It has been more than 6 months I am using the iPad Pro 9.7 inch device, which has been kind of my daily partner for all my personal work. I have watched over hundreds of hours of Netflix content, edited videos on iMovie, edited photos, read books on Scribd, did some drawing using Apple pencil, written and published blogs, played games with my game controller, had skype video calls with my friends/family, did shopping on Amazon, manage my projects on todoist, processed thousands of emails etc. etc. etc… you get the idea.

iPad Pro

iPad has not just been an entertainment device, rather a small handy device which is light to carry around yet gets a lot lot done. Now the question is, is it so different from other iPads? Or the bigger question can it replace your PC. Well in short the answer can work both ways depending on who you are and what your needs are.

Lets try and see how does this small yet powerful device may work out for some or all of your needs.

  • Travelling Companion
    iPad is no doubt the best travelling companion compared to any gadget. Since the device is very light and thin, carrying is a non issue. I usually keep it in my office laptop bag and when going out otherwise, put it in my sling bag. The battery is big enough to last about 2 days of average use. An iPad case will be nice if you do carry it around a lot.
  • Meetings
    iPad Pro combined with Apple Pencil is an excellent tool for meeting notes. I don’t use my pen and pad any longer as the duo serves it well. Good Notes is an excellent writing app and so is Microsoft One Note which syncs all your notes to your devices, so no more losing notes or going through the papers to catch up on old meeting points. Write everything on One Note, format it there and send email right from your iPad. Fast, easy, hassle free and most importantly searchable. Taking screenshots of whiteboards, audio clips or notes all are now part of your meeting discussions.
  • Consumption and Browsing
    IPad was built for media and content consumption. Even after so many years and iPads being more capable than ever, that fact remains somewhat true. Media consumption experience remains unparalleled on iPad even today. Watching Netflix, youtube, amazon prime, viewing photos, listening to music, podcasts, reading news, checking weather, surfing Flipboard, surfing web etc.. in short the possibilities are enormous. The hand held light weight iPad with a screen almost as big as a laptop makes it truly a pleasure to consume any kind of media content. People love to browse on iPads and iPhones and recently the mobile web traffic has surpassed the laptop/desktop traffic which makes it clear in itself that people prefer surfing more on their handheld devices. iPad Pro with its fast processor and having all the advanced browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, browsing is a breeze. In fact shopping and surfing is much easy and comfortable with iPad in hand than on a desktop.
  • Shopping
    With enormous number of shopping apps and the security on iOS, shopping is both easy and safe on iPad specially after Apple Pay support. Just make sure not to use your credit card on unsecured networks. Generally because of sand boxed nature on mobile platforms, these are safer than desktops because without user permission you cant get viruses. Hence safety wise iPad is also a wise choice.
  • Microsoft Office
    With Microsoft releasing their word, powerpoint, excel, oneNote and even Outlook on iPad, it opened the doors for enormous productivity on this device. Emailing, writing, saving content, sharing has never been so easy on a mobile platform with experience almost as good as on a laptop. People in sales and marketing can really make use of an iPad pro for presentation and taking notes when dealing with clients. Apple Pencil will for sure make an excellent accessory for them helping them take notes, scribbling ideas and brain storming.
  • Gaming
    How can we forget gaming on iOS. iPad has no match for gaming experience on any mobile platform because of the kind of accessories you can get and the console quality games you have on App store. The store is teeming with new games and some have excellent graphics measuring up to their console counterparts. Take Asphalt or Modern combat for instance.
Asphault 8 on iPad Pro
  • Organiser
    iPad is a very good organiser because of its compactness in size/weight ratio and enormous productivity apps on App store. Keeping a tab on your entire digital life is a reality on this device. Your photos, videos, emails, soft copies, passwords, diary, journal all can be be maintained just using an iPad. Of course you don’t need the Pro version for all this but of course the faster processor helps to get things done. With the cellular version wherever you are, everything stays with you. If you have multiple devices with different platforms, then you can choose platform independent apps like Google Photos, sync contacts with google, outlook or Gmail for mails, Evernote for writing or journaling, password manager (1password or Dashlane or LastPass almost all are cross platform), Microsoft apps for composing or reading, todoist or Wunderlist for Task Management, apps like Spark, dropbox or Drive for files etc..
Todoist App
  • Reading
    Love books ? No problem. IPad has that covered with ibooks, scribd, Kindle, Audible or even Google Play books. So no matter which subscription you are tied to, chances are that is already supported on iPad (just check in Appstore before you take the leap). Long hours of reading is straining your eyes? Well even Apple thought of that. It comes with ambient light sensors to automatically adapt the colour and intensity of the display to match the light in your environment. Couldn’t understand what that means? No worries. This means reading anywhere is more natural and comfortable — almost like looking at a sheet of paper.The software on iPad display is designed to put less strain on your eyes.
  • Journal or Blogs
    Many of us have a habit of writing personal journals or blogs. iPad comes with all the right tools for writing. For any kind of long writing, though a laptop or desktop seems more fluid but an iPad is also a nice option. Ofcourse for long form of writing a keyboard will be a good addition. I do a lot of my writing while travelling and even sitting in a coffe shop. Carrying iPad makes a lot of sense in these kind of places because since my iPad is a cellular model, so even with no Wifi I can get things done with my 4G connection. Infact this very blog is written completely on iPad (using iA Write App) and all photo editing has been done on iPad. So yeah if journaling or blogging is your thing, an iPad will be a nice addition if not necessary.
writing on iPad using iA Writer
  • Creative work
    The rich variety of Apps on iPad makes it an amazing gadget for creative work. Specially iPad Pro with its extremely fast processor and Apple pencil opens doors to real desktop class Apps. Some of these apps are almost as good as their desktop counterpart.

As you can see the scope of iPad pro is pretty vast. For an average user, light content creator or heavy consumer, iPad serves a good alternate to desktop or laptops. Of course for a power user like Engineering work or scientific work or even something like professional movie editing iPad may not be the right tool.

Its a very powerful, nice, beautifully crafted, almost perfect device which still sets the benchmark for all other tablets. If you think a tablet can have a place in your life, its worth the investment.

What do you think about the iPad Pro ?


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