Will there be an iPhone Pro or iPhone 8? Blue iPhone ?

The next big Apple event is coming very soon – on 12th September 2017. This is the main event people wait for eagerly, because this is the very cycle they refresh the most widely used product of Apple – iPhones.

Just like every year this year also iPhone will get a refresh with new features and a new version number. Considering the cycle for the past decade its safe to say the next iPhone is going to be iPhone 7s and 7s plus. But wait, there is more. As per rumours from different sources, it seems Apple may just break the tradition and may ….just may announce another phone. Some people are calling it iPhone 8. Though personally I am a bit sceptical about it. Why release two versions together? Apple never seems to hurry with its launches considering its loyal list of fanboys. There is remotely no need to release two versions. They will anyway sell phones even with no new enhancements.

Maybe, just maybe Apple wants to go in direction of its other products. You see Apple has Macbook and Macbook Pro. iPad and iPad Pro. Similarly, iPhone and who knows iPhone Pro. C’mon don’t tell me thats not possible. Maybe iPhone is not a pro device for productivity but Apple can sell it that way. Of course loyal fans will call it a computer and online forums will be filled with questions like “Can iPhone Pro replace my PC”. We will see if it comes to that, but personally speaking, it seems instead of calling it iPhone 8 we may see a Pro iPhone with features like Wireless charging, oled displays like Samsung, infinite display like S8, maybe better water resistance, facial recognition and ofcourse an upgrade to processor and camera. May AirPods will be included this time ☺️

There can be one more big surprise ? Colour. Traditionally we have black, silver, product red, rose Gold and Gold. As per the below logo of Apple’s event, I can’t help but wonder if that blueish shade is the colour new iPhones may come in. That will be awesome. I will definitely consider it if that blue cute phone makes out in reality. Also I certainly will look forward to a refresh of the small mighty iPhone SE, maybe with infinite display and other cool features.

Only time will tell what we are going to get.

Let’s catch up after that !!