Are You Listening To The Universe?

3 Mistakes I Made That You Can Learn From

Recently the New York Times announced that they were looking for fresh/new voices to join as contributors. My main man Wade Morgan shared it with me because of the work I’ve been doing with Tech Dirty With Me.


Immediately I thought, “New York Times, NOT FOR ME!”

Then, the day before the deadline, a friend shared the application AGAIN on Facebook. It was at that moment I realized,

The Universe is speaking to me. I better listen this time.

I dropped everything I was doing and applied immediately.

There were four different questions and I decided to answer this one.

What’s something you can’t stop talking about?

Curious about reading my answer to this question?

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I eventually applied because previously I had counted myself out. I made a decision that I wasn’t good enough. That I didn’t deserve it.

That was a mistake!

Here’s how you can avoid making the same mistake that I did initially.

Check Your Self Awareness | What’s Your Narrative?

When Wade shared the NY-Times application with me my inner critic stepped up in glorious fashion. I made all these excuses as to why the Times wasn’t for me. My imposter syndrome disguised itself as “rationality”.

I seriously made a laundry list:

  • “The word “Dirty” is literally in your blog, why would they want you”
  • “The Times isn’t “hip” enough”. Whatever that means.
  • “Don’t write for them, they’ll stifle your voice.”

You would have thought I never even had a blog the way I was talking shit about myself. That’s why it’s important that we develop the self-awareness to know when The Lizard Brain shows up.

Or as Steven Pressfield describes it, the resistance. Seth Godin summarizes it the best.

The resistance is the voice in the back of our head telling us to back off, be careful, go slow, compromise. The resistance grows in strength as we get closer to shipping, as we get closer to an insight, as we get closer to the truth of what we really want. That’s because the lizard hates change and achievement and risk

Instead of waiting for The Universe to tell you, start to develop more self-awareness and be more proactive about your narrative(s).

We speak everything into existence. Here’s an adorable example.

Here’s a 2 simple steps you can take if you’re not as adorable:

  • Take Inventory: What is the language you use on a daily basis? “I can’t”, “I’m depressed”, “I could never”, “But I’m not good at {insert thing}”
  • Take Action: Our brain is a powerful machine. When we speak positively our brains subconsciously find ways to manifest that positivity. Once you identify your language & limiting beliefs, you can change them.

So anytime negative talk creeps in, stop, and physically write it down. You’ll be surprised with how much negative language we use to describe ourselves.

If the two steps above aren’t enough for you, try Zig Ziglar’s daily affirmation PDF. It’s helped me change my narrative.

Explore Every Opportunity With Curiosity

After we stop the negative talk, we can truly explore with curiosity. When Wade originally shared the application with me, I didn’t even open it!

I created a reality where I didn’t even read the application. I guess the irony here is that once I read the application I realized that I was actually a good fit for them.

The internet of things really disrupted traditional journalism. But I’m sure there are tons of people who still subscribe and get the New York Times every week on their doorstep. But there’s a lot less of those folks than there were 50+ years ago.

Which is why I wasn’t even curious about how this might be a great opportunity. But if we want to be our best selves and truly flourish, we must be more curious, and less prescriptive.

Take NASA for example. The crux of the scientific method was built upon curiosity and testing one’s wild ideas. Here’s where curiosity has gotten us!!!


Our curiosity can literally catapult us to heights that are out of this world.

But we must be willing to stretch. Willing to consider the impossible.

Especially when our inner resistance tells us otherwise. That’s our proof that we’re on to something. Be curious my friends.!

Paralysis By Analysis | Don’t Think So Damn Much

Don’t let your decisions turn into rocket science.


If you’ve read this far you realize that I was my own enemy. My imposter syndrome and narrative got in my way.

After a gentle nudge from The Universe I applied immediately. Self awareness and curiosity are key, but action is where the rubber meets the road.

You might read this and feel fired up. Ready to make shit happen. But a week later old habits set in and you procrastinate. Here’s a little secret….


If you’re still stuck, watch this video on how to defeat procrastination.

What story are you telling yourself? | What’s holding you back?

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