5G Wireless Systems with AI & Robotics

Insight View from the Mobile World Congress

This past February, I attended MWC and worked as a judge for GLOMO (Global Mobile) Awards. It was evident in all the different booths the use of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), “Machine Learning” (ML), and Robotics in an around the entire floor.

For starters, all modern 5G virtualized systems include some “Artificial Intelligence” and most modern demonstrations from companies like “KT Telecom” included Robotics in some way or another. The KT 5G booth included a cappuccino robot or barista that would make a drink or two for people in the audience.

KT 5G Booth

Many companies like NOKIA included Robotics demonstrations with 5G connected devices given that:

  • Low Latency — Less than 10 ms
  • High Bandwidth — Over 2 Gbps
NOKIA’s demonstrations with Bosch using 5G

As part of TECHEDTV, I made a video on the “Best Robotics at the MWC”

Robotics demonstrations using 5G at the Mobile World Congresspeople

The “Artificial Intelligence” was also part of many demonstrations specially on infrastructure control and management. Huawei’s made it clear:

Cloud + AI + 5G

But now, that everything is moving to the “Cloud” an “Open 5G” or “Open Virtualized” system is created, anyone with a cloud could become a network operator in the 5G space. The main driver will be “AI,” Software, and scalability, and obviously applications.

In summary, the world is moving to a network with high-bandwidth in the Gigabits, low latency, smart with AI, and with numerous applications in robotics, controls, multimedia, and smart homes.