Announcing Our First Local Partnership: Red Bay Coffee

Many of our members want to know how they can support local enterprises that share our mission of building a more equitable economy in the Bay Area. We’re excited to announce the launch of our local partnerships and are thrilled that Red Bay Coffee has signed on as our first official partner.

Red Bay and TechEquity have teamed up to offer a 10% discount to our sustaining members to show our thanks for your continued support to building a more equitable Bay Area. If you’d like to access this discount as well as others to come, you can become a sustaining member here.

“Making it plain, we share TechEquity’s vision for an economy in the Bay Area that works for everyone. We’re definitely a tech-driven team, so this partnership is a beautiful way to invite others to keep generating widespread opportunity for everyone.”
-Keba Konte, Red Bay Coffee

Why we love Red Bay Coffee?

Simply put, because Red Bay is awesome! If coffee is a requirement to get you through the day and you want to feel great about supporting your local East Bay community, then start getting your coffee here. From Red Bay’s founders, to their organic and sustainable coffees, to their employment practices, this local roaster is doing it right.

How is Red Bay making an impact?

When members of the Red Bay Coffee team say “Beautiful Coffee To The People,” they’re evoking the high standards that guide their day-to-day decisions. In the words of the Red Bay team:

“Ultimately, our work is to ensure that each cup of Red Bay Coffee is an experience in both ethical consumption and delicious living. For us, that means emphasizing ethics, diversity and beautiful relationships at every stage of the process, from how we source, roast and deliver coffee, to how we hire and train our team.

For example, we invest in both fair trade and direct trade. This empowers us to provide above average incentives to expert farmers and farm cooperatives in places like Ethiopia, Tanzania, Brazil, and Indonesia. Our partnership with Sweet Unity Farms, founded by David Robinson is a great example of how we’re part of a long legacy of people committed to social impact.

We also create an environment where everyone interested in working with us can thrive at our roasting and retail locations here in Fruitvale and Oakland. Not only will our job applications never include questions about an individual’s conviction history, we’re also committed to welcoming those in re-entry and second chance programs to bring their talents and aspirations to our team. We have had about a dozen people re-enter the workforce through the doors of Red Bay Coffee.

In many ways, we’re fortunate that our team and investors really align with a focus on creating opportunities for the local community while fostering excellence in the industry.”

Where is Red Bay and how can I access this discount?

We’ll be communicating directly with our sustaining members on how they can access this discount online and in person, either at their shipping container in Uptown or warehouse in Fruitvale.

We’re working to partner with businesses who have social and/or civic impact baked into their mission to our sustaining members discounts and special offers. If you know of a business you think we should partner with, please send a note to info[at]

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