Member Profile: Alex Lofton

People from across the Bay Area have joined TechEquity as members. We know that we’re growing a great membership base full of smart, passionate, engaged citizens and we thought we you might like to see who some of these folks are.

Meet Alex Lofton, Head of Growth at Landed:

Alex is the Head of Growth at Landed, the SF-based company he cofounded in 2015 to help essential community members, like teachers, access homeownership closer to where they work. In a past life, Alex was a celebrated campaign organizer for President Obama, an executive at tech and purpose-driven startups, and a graduate of Northwestern and Stanford Universities. He lives with his parter of seven years and spends his decompression time in the mountains, by the ocean, on the dance floor, or playing the “funcle” (fun-uncle) role.

What is your professional passion these days?

Building financial tools for people so they and the communities they live in are more resilient.

What inspired you to get politically/civically active?

Growing up always knowing I only got what I got because someone before me gave a damn about stuff beyond being comfortable and happy in the moment.

Why is it important for the tech community to become more civically engaged?

Tech has a real world responsibility that comes hand in glove with the resources and power that lie in the industry. Ignoring this responsibility is unethical.

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