Supporting Anti-Displacement Funding in Oakland’s Budget

We’re excited to announce that we have joined the Our Beloved Community Action Network and the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone Collaborative in endorsing a set of recommendations to Oakland’s mayor and city council as they move to approve a budget for 2017–2019.

The City has available funding which is sitting in accounts earmarked for housing — but they have not explicitly created line items that direct that funding to specific anti-displacement measures. We, as part of this coalition, are asking them to do so.

The mayor’s proposed budget, released last month, doesn’t fully allocate the flexible funds made available by the state for housing programs — called “boomerang funds.” We want to see those funds allocated to legal protection for renters, emergency rental and homeowner assistance, and other services for low-income residents at risk of displacement or homelessness. Furthermore, we think it’s important that these funds do NOT get allocated to new developments since there is ample money available for affordable housing development (through bond measures KK and A1 which passed in November) but almost no funding that can be used for emergency anti-displacement programs. It’s important that the available flexible housing dollars go to support these urgent needs.

If you want to weigh in, we encourage you to attend the special session of the Oakland City Council on May 30 at 5:30pm at Oakland City Hall, which will be all about the budget. We’ll be there!

And on June 1 we’ll be talking about the issue of anti-displacement in the context of the larger housing crisis at our TechEquity monthly event series event, The Political Dynamics of Housing.

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