7 Productivity Tips to Make You the Best Intern

Having an internship is not only about learning valuable hard-skills, but also a great way to learn how to get organized at work. Things are getting more complicated than attending classes and finishing assignments, and you might find yourself in a pile of tasks not knowing what to do. Take a deep breath and read on, and you might find some tips to solve your headache.

  1. Stop Multitasking

Yes, people always talk about the need to multitask at work. There are just too many screens to look at and too much information to process. But guess what? Very few people are actually able to multitask and maintain high-quality work. Sometimes doing all the things at the same time leads to achieving nothing and wasting even more time. So next time, try focusing only on one thing at a time and see how it works!

2. Organize Your Schedule

Everyone has a schedule, and there are all kinds of scheduling and productivity tools to help you manage yours. But do you have good control over your schedule or it is the other way around? If you find yourself always falling behind the schedule, you need to apply a better structure to organize your schedule. Create standard routines and put the same kind of tasks together (put your meetings in the same chunk of time). What’s more, don’t be afraid to say no to other’s request if your day is packed.

3. Break down your tasks and hours

Most of us have to work 8 hours straight every day (some even longer). However, the attention span of an average adult is no longer than an hour. So if you want to maintain high efficiency throughout the day, it’s important to divide your tasks and working hours into smaller pieces. And between the highly focused time blocks, stand up, walk around, and have a sip of water to help you relax and reset both physically and mentally.

4. Be Time-Conscious

Have you ever wondered where all your time has gone? Time flies easily, especially when you don’t pay attention to how you are using it. Try logging your time on what you have done and see if you can spend it more efficiently. When you get familiar with your pace, set a time for each of your tasks and stick to it. It helps you keep the schedule and know where you are with your to-do list.

5. Find your pace

Different people have different times of high productivity. There are early birds and night owls, and it is important that you find out when you hit the most productive groove. If you are more concentrated in the morning, fill it with the most important or attention-consuming tasks. Don’t strain yourself with demanding tasks in your downtime. When you get tired, take it easy and get some good rest.

6. Organize your work environment

People always say that creative people have messy desks. However, when it comes to efficiency, you need a clean desk to give you a clear mind. Finding things in a pile of papers is a waste of time and can even stress you out, so the best solution is to keep very few things on your desk and file the old papers regularly. You can also save yourself time by giving everything a proper place because you’ll know exactly where to find things when you need them.

7. Work out regularly

Exercise not only helps you keep fit. It also improves your blood circulation so that it can better transfer glucose and oxygen throughout your brain and body, and you can get enough energy for a day’s work. Regular workouts can keep you alert and focused and free you from afternoon slumps. No wonder why we always hear people wake up early in the morning and work out before they start the day. So pick a workout you love and sweat it out!

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