It’s undisputed that Boston is home to the best colleges and universities in the world and as a result more than 200,000 students come to Boston every year to learn. Unfortunately more than half leave after graduation, that’s a problem.

TechGen is the only program of its kind and our mission is to keep these students here by helping make connections throughout their college experience. We’re starting by connecting students with amazing start-ups through internships, but our goal is much bigger. We want every student who comes to Boston to build a network of mentors, investors and other students across campuses to form the teams who will create and lead the next great Boston companies.

​ 2015 was a big year for TechGen, but that’s easy to say, since it was the first. There has been a lot of change this year so here’s a recap covering where we came from, what we did in year one and where we’re headed in 2016. We know that’s a lot so bear with us — here it goes!

Where TechGen Came From:
The New England Venture Capital Association and MassTech Collaborative saw a need to get students engaged in our robust community so they joined forces to build a program to do just that. Sarah Sherburne joined the NEVCA to spearhead the initiative and launched TechGen in February 2015.

In the matter of a year ​we began building the foundation for a community of startups, students, universities, VCs, non-profit organizations and all around supporters of the mission “to help make Boston the best place to start and grow a company”.

​And while that was an exciting year for us, we’re even more excited for TechGen in 2016. Like any good startup, we bootstrapped in year one, so our technology was basic. And that’s where we’ll start our preview of what is to come.

1. New Website and Tech Platform

2. Programming Updates

3. New Program Associate

​In the meantime, we took some time to reflect on the past year and all that we’ve accomplished, tested, created and yes, even failed at.

So, for this year, our promise to you is that we will continue to engage the community through events, provide more internship opportunities for students at Massachusetts’ innovative tech companies and strive to make Boston the best place to live, play and now, work.

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