As the #5 entrepreneurship & innovation undergraduate program in the country, Northeastern University’s entrepreneurship community is fairly large and complex.

By the numbers:

  • 1,500+ students in 37 undergraduate entrepreneurship courses
  • 400 students concentrating in entrepreneurship
  • Over 100+ startup co-op employers
  • 2,000+ students involved in 8 student-run entrepreneurship clubs and organizations.
  • Outside of the classroom and co-op, there are 20+ university- and student-run clubs and organizations that support ventures and entrepreneurship in a variety of ways.

Find more info on that here.

At the top of the funnel lies the Center for Entrepreneurship Education, which supports all of the various entrepreneurial clubs, classes and organizations. The center also houses the (relatively) new Entrepreneurship Minor for students of all majors interested in taking core entrepreneurship classes. Students within the business school can also concentrate in entrepreneurship, along with tracks such as finance, marketing and management.

The center (and university as a whole) focuses on experiential learning for students, which was originally born out of the co-op program but bled into student life. Students are encouraged to start their own clubs, run them and present them to the Northeastern community. Clubs such as the Entrepreneurs Club, TAMID Group,, Family Business Club, the Social Enterprise Institute Student Association and the Biotech Entrepreneurs, just to name a few, are all student run and ways that students can get involved on both the management and attending side. These clubs and organizations support students from the most passive of ways (attending a speaker series), to the most active of ways (starting and running a company), in an effort to empower and excite students from across campus.

There are also organizations created and maintained on the university side, like the McCarthy (s) Venture Mentoring Network, the Social Enterprise Institute, the Sherman Center which supports engineering entrepreneurship and the IP CO-LAB which utilizes Law School students and their knowledge to provide information on Intellectual Property to fellow students.

The newest addition to the center is Mosaic, a community (and fund) for new groups and organizations that support ventures and venture creation. Groups such as Scout, Northeastern’s student-led design studio and (a student-led club teaching students how to build websites & prototypes), created to connect Northeastern ventures with affiliated resources now fall within Mosaic. It’s aimed to enable and support groups through the difficult process of getting off the ground in as many ways as possible.

Interest in entrepreneurship on campus is growing. Students are coming to Northeastern not only for experiential learning, but experiential learning in entrepreneurship. It’s a focus and priority for the president of the university, Joseph Aoun, as well as the various student and faculty leaders and because of this, entrepreneurial-minded students are drawn to the school at an exponential rate.

Some Key People:
Marc Meyer: Founder & Co-Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship.

Dan Gregory: Co-Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education, Faculty Advisor for IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator & Manager of Mosaic, the student-led fund.

Bob Lentz: Entrepreneur In Residence, Mentor & Executive Professor.

Daniel McCarthy: Co-Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Donor of the Venture Mentor Network.

Greg Dalle-Molle: Associate Director of Venture Incubation at the Center for Entrepreneurship Education.

Annika Morgan: Student & Altschuler-Meyer CEO of IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator

Esther Chewning: Associate Cooperative Education Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Program

Kathryn Wells: Manager of the McCarthy(s) Venture Mentoring Network.

Lauren Dibble: Manager of Marketing at the Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education.

Kevin Scanlon: Entrepreneur in Residence — Life Sciences, Lecturer and Faculty Advisor to Biotech Entrepreneurs Club.

Ben Bungert: Entrepreneurs Club President, TechGen Brand Manager & New England Venture Capital Association Program Associate. (And author of this lovely article)

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